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Parent & Guardian Connections Tool

In light of COVID-19, we know that many families' plans for childcare and school are likely more complex than ever. Connect with us, below, to:

  • Let us know what information and supports would be most helpful,
  • Receive communications about resources available to UVA employees and UVA graduate and professional students and/or
  • Opt-in to our Parent/Guardian Connection Tool, which will help you identify other UVA employees and UVA graduate and professional students who live near you and have similarly aged children.  Our goal is to facilitate connections that you might otherwise make in the workplace.  To learn more, see FAQs and Terms of Use.

We seek to foster a sense of community as we adapt to these unprecedented circumstances.  If you are unable to complete the webform online, please email so that we may assist. 



Parent & Guardian Connections Newsletter

This newsletter connects UVA faculty, staff, and team members to resources featuring:

  • education (school news, at-home learning tools, and childcare options),

  • enrichment (extracurricular activities, programming, and creative projects), and

  • engagement (community news, volunteer opportunities, and emotional support).

View previous volumes:

    Volume 1

    Volume 2

    Volume 3

    Volume 4

    Volume 5


    UVA Dependent & Back-up Care Services

    Check out the many updates to UVA HR's dependent and back-up care webpage, including additional childcare and tutoring supports.
    To help understand your options and find out how to register for resources, see the Care Support Resources Chart

    Support Cville Education Equity

    A joint venture of The Equity Center, Madison House, and Youth Nex, this resource is full of ways that community members, students, teachers, and faculty can come to give and get support during this school year.

    Whether you are a parent, guardian, or other caring adult, find information to get the support that you need.
    Interested in volunteering? Find opportunities to help meet the needs of the Charlottesville community.


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